Hosting your University Graduation Ceremony couldn’t be easier with our Wi-Fi Cipherlab 8600 portable scanners.

These portable scanners will scan barcodes on pre-printed barcoded Graduation Ceremony invitations and will be verified in real-time via a wireless router against a locally held database.

The database will contain records for the ceremony detailing the number of expected invitees for each barcode and other student details.

The OCipherlab 8600 Seriesperator of the Wi-Fi portable scanner will see the database information on the scanner screen for each ticket that is scanned on entry to the Graduation Ceremony and the scanner will allow the Operator to key in the number of people actually arriving.

Our software will update the database in real-time so actual attendance can be seen afterwards but also so that any subsequent scanning of the same barcode by any of the portable scanner units will show that invitation’s previous arrivals. This allows invitees to reprint or photocopy their invitation for members of their party who might arrive separately, while still providing security against forged tickets and arrival of unexpected guests.