Library Sorters

State of the art sorting systems. Fast and accurate circulation of materials.

Key Benefits
Improved circulation, ergonomics, and service
Integrates seamlessly
with your LMS
Fast and simple re-shelving
of materials

Designed to operate quietly and economically, our library sorters operate at high speeds while using the minimum of power.

Robust & stable software + highly efficient machines = super-fast, super-accurate sorting of library materials. Minimal need for library team intervention and fast circulation of material.

An automated material handling system which offers precise sorting at high speeds. Its well-proven technology and flexible, modular design makes it possible to build a system to meet any requirement. Patrons can return material without staff intervention and the LMS is automatically updated.

Return chutes allow patrons to self-return items and multiple items can be read and checked in at the same time. Where returns volumes are high, a library sorting solution is essential.
Other Related Services
Smart Bins – large RFID bins with auto check-in
Return bins and trolleys – various to suit need
Sort Assistant software – Colour based destination sorting

Intelligent Material Management System™ (IMMS) for libraries
Modern logistics for libraries – IMMS is about taking the learnings from modern logistics management and making them available to libraries. IMMS lets libraries choose where and how to make best use of the collection.
Rather than buying large numbers of media at all branches, the IMMS orchestrates the sharing of media by steering floating collections to where materials are needed the most. Also, makes it easy find the current location and save many hours searching.
Telepen’s Library Sorting systems partner: Lyngsoe Systems
Lyngsoe Systems products are sold around the World and are renowned for their simplicity and robustness.
Their equipment is designed for use with both barcode and RFID, and with hundreds of installations, you can be sure that you are getting a well-proven product installed by our own Lyngsoe-trained engineering team.

University & Higher Education Libraries

Public Libraries