Library Self-Service

State of the art kiosks featuring touchscreens, LMS integration and flexible software.

Academic & Public Libraries
Works with RFID and barcodes.
Features the highly practical large user shelf
Option to collect payments
Unlocks valuable safers (CD/DVD)

A Complete Self-service solution
A complete self-service solution which works with minimal to no staff intervention.
It features various ways of indicating if assistance is required including the LED halo lighting up in in a different colour.
The kiosk is fully functional in the event of network failure ensuring all tasks function as standard in an offline mode.
Patrons can review their account status, check in or out up to 15 items at a time and chose to either print or email their receipt.
  • Portrait 23” screen

  • LED halo around screen

  • Clear touchscreen

  • Check out up to 15 items

  • Chip & Pin payment

  • Contactless payment

  • Cash + change payment

  • CD/DVD unlocker

  • CCD barcode scanner

  • DDA compliant

  • Market leading software

  • Completely customisable

  • Customise by branch

  • Add images, animated GIFs or videos

  • Easy to use for staff and patrons

  • Available in 33 languages

  • Printed receipts

  • Emailed receipts

  • Security gates

Patron functionality:
  • Intuitive / easy to use

  • Check-out

  • Check-in

  • Renew items

  • Account status and activity

  • Reserved items

  • Print/email receipts

  • Mobile app

Librarian functionality:
  • Customise work flows

  • Branch level content

  • Offline mode

  • Keyless entry for receipt paper change

  • Library branding

  • Remote diagnostics

  • SIP2 compatible

  • Integration with LMS

  • Remote upgrades

Telepen’s Self-service partner:
FE Technologies
Since being formed in 2007, FE Technologies are now a global leader in RFID products. They boast over 250 library groups comprising 500 sites around the world.
FE’s in-house Research and Development Department is dedicated solely to Library RFID-based R&D and this allows us to keep pace with the changing trends of the library market and to lead the way with new library products and solutions.