Library occupancy at a glance

Vantage infographics is an add-on module to the Juno Access Control and Library Management System.
With the information collected from the Access Control Gates, Vantage will enable Libraries to
display Library Occupancy levels on wall mounted displays. Vantage can also display occupancy
levels for zones either within or independent of the library with the aid of thermal sensors that
will generate anonymous transactions to the Juno System.

Access to the information

Students can access the Library Occupancy information via their Tablet or Smart phone when trying
to establish which study areas are already heavily in use and can then decide, where to travel to
prior to setting out, thus avoiding frustration of already occupied study areas.

Detailed real-time occupancy monitoring
• Accurate zonal breakdown of availability
• Occupancy control
• Improved student awareness
• Smart phone reporting
• Increased efficiency and user satisfaction