V5FE Technologies’ new V5 Self Loan Station comes with an exciting new look to complement any library environment. It is designed to check-out up to 15 items at a time, and a CCD barcode Scanner that reads barcodes from mobile devices or printed barcodes. A portrait-oriented 23” touchscreen displays multiple items without the need to scroll up or down with a blended LED Halo surrounding the unit that creates a completely work-flow integrated experience for the patron.

• Designed to look and function brilliantly in any library
• Portrait-oriented 23” touchscreen
• Check out up to 15 items at a time
• Blended LED Halo
• DVD unlocker and payment options
• CCD barcode Scanner

Technical Specifications
Flexible installation options – it can be installed as a free standing unit, back-to-back, or on a desktop.
• The V5 Self Loan Station features the intuitive and easy to use FE Technologies software – completely customisable and designed for patron ease of use, global single software solution, and frequent free software upgrades.
• It has 30 available languages
• It complies with AS/NZS1428.2 standard for disability access and features high quality
componentry throughout
• Touchscreen with SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) technology for clarity of image and a high touch life
• Few moving parts for longevity – no moving parts in the DVD unlocker and a Solid State Drive
(SSD) in the CPU
• Patron Functionality – check out, check in, renew items, account status and activity, reserved items, printed or e-mail receipts, children’s sized version
• Payment options including EFTPOS and credit card, stored payment provider integration and cash options
• Librarian Functionality – customized work flows, offline mode, keyless entry for receipt paper chang-ing, library branding, remote diagnostics, configuration choices, SIP2 compatibility, remote soft-ware upgrades
• Also available in ElectroMagnetic (EM) format

The Self Loan Station requires a standard 10AMP electrical point. Power input: 240 V AC 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A max. The Self Loan Station requires a network point.