FE Technologies offers a secure external return chute that provides a controlled environment for all after-hours returns. The Secure External Return Chute only allows items that are recognised by an RFID Tag to open the chute and accept the items to be returned.

The FE Technologies Secure External Return Chute is a robust, vandal resistant, stainless steel
unit fitted with an RFID reader, and it can only be accessed using a library item with an RFID Tag.
The FE Technologies Secure External Return Chute has the following features:

• Tamper-proof fittings — extremely robust design, ideal for external use

• Full electronic interlock feature when connected to an FE Technologies Returns Bin

• Open alarm — alerts when chute is left open

• Rear cover deflection minimises the direct line-of-sight into the library, as well as drafts.

• Optional digital timer module

• Features an RFID Pad — on which the library item must placed against in order to activate the

• Manufactured of stainless steel with coloured indicator lamps:
• Blue – Chute ready for use
• Green – Chute open
• Red – Chute unavailable for use