S1 pictureThe FE Technologies S1 Self Loan Station is a loan station with a classy designer look to fit into any library’s décor.

Features include:
• Architectural wood ply available in a range of colours and textures – customize the look to your library’s architecture
• The unique design is the result of an international design competition and voted on by libraries
• A portrait-oriented 23” touchscreen it allows the display of multiple items without the requirement to scroll up or down.
• Check out up to 15 items at a time
• LEDs integrated to the workflow, to show you where to collect the
receipt, unlock DVD etc
• Integrated DVD unlocker and payment options

Technical Specifications
Flexible installation options – it can be installed as a free standing unit, back-to-back.
• The S1 Self Loan Station features the intuitive and easy to use FE Technologies software – completely customisable and designed for patron ease of use, global single software solution, and frequent free software upgrades.
• It has 30 available languages
• It complies with AS/NZS1428.2 standard for disability access
• Flexible installation options – it can be installed as a free standing unit or back-to-back. It
features high-resolution, high-quality componentry designed for busy Australian library
environments, including industrial grade laminate and a touchscreen with SAW (Surface Acoustic
Wave) technology for longevity and robustness, designed to withstand repeated surface touches over
long periods of time.
• Limited moving parts for longevity – no moving parts in the DVD
locker and a Solid state drive in the CPU