With the implementation of RFID comes the ability for libraries know exactly what items are in the
library at any given time. The Mobile Scanning Unit allows the user to conduct a stocktake, find
items or conduct security blasting (switching all tags to security status “on” after initial
tagging has been completed.

• The unit can perform a stocktake on 18,000 items an hour and emits an optional clicking noise to
indicate successful reading.

• The Mobile Scanning Unit is designed to be ergonomic – it consists of simply a small handheld
antenna which communicates with a mobile phone via Bluetooth. The phone can be simply put in the
operator’s pocket. There are no external cables or additional powerpacks required, and the handheld
wand is of a length and shape that minimises excessive bending or stretching.

• The device will operate for over 8 hours continuously.

• The unit can perform additional tasks such as searching for various lists e.g. weed lists, lost
books etc. whilst doing a stock take. It is also possible to stock take a specific Dewey range and
is any items outside that are discovered the unit will alarm.

• When an item is found it will alert the operator with a voice recording of the title of the item.

• A Bluetooth earpiece can be worn so the audio does not disturb library users.