ConsoleThe Management console is the software used to configure, monitor and report upon all the RFID equipment. It can be installed onany PC in the network.

The Management Console is designed to offer library staff access to all the RFID equipment in the network – three levels of password access mean that your library can limit access to simply viewing and administration functions, whilst also allowing IT and management level staff full access to make alterations to configurations and LMS translations.

Here’s what you can expect from the Management Console

• An easy to use, intuitive interface featuring “tool tips” – call out boxes that describe the functionality of each menu, click box and radio button, when the user hovers their mouse over each box.

• Monitor the status of all your RFID equipment – colour-coded icons will show you what’s happening in real time – receipt paper low or out, LMS offline, etc

• Access to a huge range of reporting options – run reports that show visitor statistics and peak library usage times, security gate alarms, self loan statistics, borrowing trends, payment information, languages used and many more.

• Configuration options – group your RFID equipment into libraries, sections or subsections, and manage workflows, borrowing steps, and user interaction from any PC in the network

• The look and feel of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of most of your RFID equipment is completely customisable via the management console. Allocate sorting colours and destination names to your Sort Assistant, match the Circulation Assistant to your LMS, and setup branch-specific error messages on the Self Loan Station. You can even display an advertisement, community announcement or general library information at the start of the welcome screen.

• Deploy software version upgrades at the click of a mouse – download the latest version and roll it out to some or all of your equipment in one simple step.

• Access to the FE Technologies Support Team for a remote support session if you require assistance.