D1An attractive design, intuitive and easy-to-use interface that simplifies the self check-out and borrowing process. That equals value for their time and your money.

The D1 Desktop Loan Station is a Self Loan Station that allows patrons to checkout multiple items at a time. It features a 15’ touchscreen computer, RFID pad with instructions and a receipt printer. It is designed to be mounted on a desk or bench. It requires a power and data connection.

• Flexible installation – the unit is easy to install, and can be located on any suitable desktop, bench or table anywhere in the library. The RFID pad has customisable artwork to direct patrons how to use the unit.
• Robust, high quality componentry – The Self Loan Station has simple to use user interface on a touchscreen. A shielded RFID reader
reads up to 15 items at a time, drastically speeding up the checkout process.
• 3-step borrowing process – By using the Self Loan Station, the borrowing process is reduced to three simple steps, removing every
need for a patron to visit the circulation desk. Even on hold items and the patron’s account status can be managed by the patron at
the Self Loan Station. All workflows and screen interactions are customisable.