Safeguarding Students and Staff at Milton Keynes College

Working with IDL, one of our key installation partners, Fastlane turnstiles have been supplied and installed at Milton Keynes College to increase campus security and help safeguard students and staff.

During March 2018, Milton Keynes College completed a thorough review of its campus security in regard to its duty of care to the students. The review considered previous events, current measures – including the College’s existing access control system and manned guarding – the views of staff and students, current or perceived risks and the national threat levels. The review resulted in the decision to install barrier systems at the entry points to three of the main campus buildings – Bletchley main building, Chaffron Way main building and the ITC building.

Following a competitive tender, during which Telepen evaluated various site-specific factors – such as the limited available space, the requirement for floor protectors to provide robust and concealed containment of cabling without disturbing the floor, and the requirement for a wirefree release option at one of the sites which didn’t feature a manned reception area – Fastlane Glassgate 150 turnstiles were selected as the most suitable entrance control option. This was due to a number of reasons, including the 150s’ capability to provide suitable security in an elegant design, its ease of integration with the existing access control system and its favourable price point.

Installation of the turnstiles took place during the summer of 2018, ahead of the start of the new term.

Kevin Sontag, Sales Account Manager at Telepen, comments: “We’ve worked closely with IDL and their Fastlane turnstiles for a number of years because the product itself is outstanding and IDL are so co-operative to work with. They easily integrate with Telepen access control systems, they provide the required level of security and they are exceptionally robust, so require very little maintenance. Our engineers enjoy working with the Fastlane products as their internal design is of equally high quality, which makes a big difference when integrating access control systems and during installation.”

Phil Allen, Regional Sales Manager at Integrated Design Limited, adds: “Installing entrance control turnstiles at Colleges and Universities to help ensure the wellbeing of staff and students in their care is something we are seeing more and more of. The Fastlane Glassgate 150 is ideal for this kind of environment as it strikes a balance between security and attractive design, providing an improved level of security without making the premises feel unwelcome in appearance.”

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