• Telepen is the only symbology to directly represent the full ASCII character set without shift characters. It is extremely secure as it has negligible risk of misreads, has a double density numeric only mode and is supported by most leading bar code reader manufacturers.

    For a detailed description of Telepen, please download the pdf file below.

    The Telepen Font can be downloaded from the Telepen Font & Telepen Assistant page in the same Barcode Services menu.

  • The Telepen Assistant program automatically creates a complete barcode consisting of a start character, your data, a checksum character and an end character.

    The complete encoded data string and a representation of the barcode appears in the Telepen ASCII panel. You can change the size of the barcode symbol by adjusting the Pt Size setting. If the data you entered can also be encoded as a double-density Telepen Numeric barcode, similar information appears in the Telepen Numeric panel.

    You can copy the barcode onto the Windows Clipboard by clicking one of the Copy buttons, depending on which format you require. It can then be pasted into your target application, such as Microsoft Word, by using the application’s Paste button. With the Telepen Font in place the barcode can be represented on the screen or printed from any Windows program.

    Free Barcode Software & Fonts

    Both the Telepen Assistant and Telepen Font can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here.

    Once the file has been downloaded, run it to begin installation. This will install both the Telepen Assistant and the Telepen Font automatically.

  • TELEPEN operates a full barcode production service. Our barcode label bureau offers a wide range of label types available in most barcode symbologies.

    Our barcode labels and cards are used in a wide variety of applications from libraries to access control, and from inventory and asset control to retail.

    We offer high quality printing with a fast turnaround. All barcode labels undergo a rigorous quality control check prior to despatch ensuring that our customers receive exceptional value for money. For standard labels we have no set-up charge.

    Telepen barcoded ID Cards are now available in both card and plastic, with the recently added option of full colour on plastic cards.

    Our plastic cards can be printed on single or double side in black and white or full colour with any combination of text and graphics. Graphics can include logos, photographs and images. Plastic cards are also available with an optional signature strip.

    Our standard paper labels are available as 33 labels to an A4 page, although other sizes can be supplied. These labels can be optionally laminated to increase life expectancy.

    Library reader tickets can be printed for which we also offer a range of plastic wallets.

    Now also available, paper, polypropylene and polyester labels thermally printed, supplied on reels. Select polypropylene and polyester for longer life. Permanent adhesive adds to the label life. Using our 300 dpi Datamax I-Class printer we can offer to produce high quality labels in small quantities with quick turnaround. Call our Sales Department for more information.

    Our many satisfied customers are testament to our exceptional quality standards and value for money. Please contact us for a quotation.

    STOP PRESS – Plastic cards now available with programmed magnetic strip.

  • This Barcode Symbologies Tutorial gives an insight into what constitutes a good barcode and gives a comparison of the most widely used barcode symbologies.