Access Control

From stylish glass wing gates to tripod turnstiles. We are a market leader.

Leading British design and delivery
Featuring innovations in design and technology our access control gates offer a discrete security solution which regulates the flow of visitors and monitors access to authorised users.
Used all around the world in corporate headquarters like The Lloyds Building to higher education libraries like University of Manchester.
This is a truly British partnership between manufacturers IDL and ourselves; 2 British companies with over 30 years of success.

Flexible solutions and precision engineering.
Access Control gates can be multi-directional to monitor the passage of every individual entering and leaving a facility. The turnstiles link to reception control as well as providing very precise tailgater detection for additional security.

Fastlane Speedgates deliver a highly practical solution combined with stylish design. This great solution is highly durable and expect a lifetime lasting at least 10 years.

Fastlane Plus delivers a practical solution where space is limited. The barrier arm provides a compact and cost-effective solution.

Fastlane Optical replaces the physical barrier with an optical turnstile with all the technical capabilities of physical barriers. These are state of the art optical turnstiles.

Other Entrance Gates Typically provided for a wide access point

  • Built to order in the UK

  • Highly durable

  • Very reliable

  • Length and width flexibility

  • Adjustable heights to fit security needs

  • Integrates with your systems

  • Ethernet ready

  • Minimal footprint

  • Safe & simple to use

  • Experienced installation team

  • Preventative maintenance support

  • DDA compliant

  • Toughened safety glass

  • Low energy use

  • Bi-directional glass gates

  • 2-stage alarm response

  • Minimal false alarms

  • Visitor management option

Telepen’s Access Control partner: IDL Limited
Based near Heathrow Airport to the west of London, Integrated Design Limited has been providing organisations all over the world with reliable and user-friendly products.
Telepen’s Access Control partner: IDL Limited
Combining the extensive experience of the Telepen engineering team and IDL’s on-site manufacturing in the UK, together we deliver the very best outcomes for our clients.