Solutions for Academic Libraries incorporating Juno™ software

We understand that Academic libraries are now an essential part to a student’s learning experience. We have been working with Academic libraries for over 30 years now and we have seen the development of libraries into key competitive areas for universities and colleges.
The pressure is on to deliver a valuable experience for library “customers” and we now deliver all the key support components from controlling access at the entrance to self-service and book sorting.
We understand this and have developed our unique Juno™ software to facilitate academic libraries delivering a great service.
Juno™ Software for Academic Libraries

Juno coordinates software and hardware into highly effective, integrated solutions specifically for academic libraries. We have created this market leading modular system which is currently in use in over 150 academic libraries in the UK, Ireland and internationally.

This large user base has allowed us to tailor Juno™ to the needs of our academic customers and we regularly hold user groups to further enhance our understanding of the market.

Juno™ software manages key areas of the academic library set up by combining with our tried and tested products such as the Fastlane access control gates and the Room Booking wall box.