Innovation since 1971!

With over 4 decades of experience in RFID and Barcode solutions, we are now a leading company in this sector, with the unique capability of being able to offer both hardware and software expertise, in-house.
This means we really know what we are doing and as a result our implementations are delivered seamlessly to our customers. Our solutions lead the way in the Academic, Public, Corporate and NHS markets.

Our History
George Sims & Chris Barnett founded SB Electronic Systems Ltd and in early 1972 independently invented the hand held barcode reader. A symbology was devised that efficiently represented all of the 128 ASCII characters, was totally secure and could be produced on ordinary printers. With the complex logic required it took some time to develop a complete terminal but orders came in from a variety of customers including Manchester University, Sheffield Hallam and even a German Systems Company for their pharmacy point of sale system. The advent of microprocessors enabled much of the logic to be replaced simplifying production and making SB leading pioneers of this technology. Complete systems were developed for library circulation control, plate making on the British Leyland production line and later a huge networked system for British Airways.
Trading as Telepen, innovation has always been important to us, and further solutions developed around products such as entrance controls and book/inventory management. Over time, software innovation also played an increasingly important part and the company developed complementary applications, like our Juno software, to add further value for customers already using our products and services.
In recent years, the barcode has been joined by other technologies such as RFID and this has allowed further innovation and product development. We now deliver truly integrated hardware and software solutions and can readily adapt what we do to suit specific requirements.
The Telepen Barcode was brilliantly devised and over 4 decades later remains the world’s most accurate and secure barcode symbology.

Simon Kelson, Managing Director

Simon joined Telepen to create and deliver a strategic plan, the aim of which is to develop and grow the business building on some great foundations, a fantastic team and loyal customers. Simon’s recent background was in IT services where for the last 20 years he has built a business and advised other business leaders in the same sector. Prior to that he served in the British army where he developed leadership and management skills.

Brian Reid, Technical Director

Brian Reid is responsible for the operational and engineering aspects of the business. Previously, he has held a series of technical leadership roles in a range of blue-chip companies including Ocado, Xerox and JDS Uniphase. Proven in leading cross functional teams on global development programmes Brian also has extensive experience in both on shore and offshore manufacturing and integration.

We are an accredited SafeContractor sub-contract company.
Certificate Number: DO1699

ISO9001 UKAS Certification
Certified by NQA
Certificate Number: 1783

PSA Licence Holder
Approved to carry out installations and maintenance in Ireland
Number: 05680